You Asked, Karl Answered: Fuel-Efficient Performance Upgrades For Your Sedan

By: McLachlan Automotive Solutions   |   02 Sep 2016
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At McLachlan Automotive Solutions, we pride ourselves on two things: the first and foremost is our commitment to our customers and that includes everything from practicing and upholding excellent customer service, to answering whatever questions you may have pertaining to your vehicle, to perfecting performance tuning and custom upgrades just for you. The second is the outstanding work and expertise of our service technicians. We took time and thought to ourselves, why not offer our loyal customers the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds? With that, we’ve created a free service exclusively yours, with our Ask a Service Technician program. If there’s something on your mind, or you just want some quick and free advice from a professional, this is an easy way to get answers fast.

Meet Karl Flovik

With more than 30 years of experience with the BMW brand, and a list of brilliant technical skills under his belt, our in-house BMW Master Technician and Licensed Journeyman Karl Flovik will draw upon his personal and professional experience with luxury brands to answer your questions with as much detail as possible to serve you better. Before arriving at the dealership, Karl opened a small European specialty shop where he honed his incredible craftsmanship. He has been installing performance tuning equipment for over 20 years and continues to enhance his knowledge on luxury brands through advanced education and technical training.

Let’s take a look at our first question!

Q: I have a deal pending on your '09 335 Sedan. What is a simple performance upgrade you'd recommend that offers noticeable improvements without negatively affecting fuel mileage or reliability? Not much to ask for!

- Frances

Karl: Thank you for your inquiry. The BMW 335 leaves a lot on the table in terms of performance upgrades. Fuel economy and reliability are not sacrificed to gain real performance. Several years of research and development make this upgrade safe and reliable. Gain up to 100whp/150lb-ft. of torque. I use a Vishnu Tune with some other added upgrades to give you a whole new experience for your 335. This level one upgrade will make your 335 out-perform the BMW E46 M3 and run side by side with the E92 M3 (V8).

Now, let’s talk about fuel economy. The side effect of the new tune is better fuel economy. That said, few people reap the benefit. The power/performance increase is very intoxicating and most cannot keep themselves for enjoying it on a daily basis. So foot on accelerator equals fun but increase fuel consumption. If you can resist the urge to play your economy will in fact be better than stock.

The cost for this upgrade is $1350.00 plus taxes. I'll need one day to do the work (meaning in and out the same day). This includes all parts and labour. There may be some shipping charges depending on the carrier used. This is the most performance for the money currently offered. I've used this tune for several years and they recently updated it 2 months ago.

Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have.

Follow up question:

What hardware does this package include other than the tuner ?

Follow up answer:

Depending on which version we go with. One has a small Open Flash Tablet with the following options included:

  • Free Off-The-Shelf (OTS) maps files available for various vehicle configurations.
  • In-dash Boost Gauge (MY2008 and up).
  • On-board data-logging.
  • Realtime data screen.
  • Trouble code reading/clearing.
  • Diagnostic activation for water pump and cooling fans.
  • Adaptation resets for battery, octane, VANOS, VVT, transmission, DME, lambda, AFR and Throttle.
  • Activation for transport mode.
  • Commands for airbag and TMPS reset.
  • Free off-the-shelf (OTS) maps files available for various vehicle configurations.

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