Professional Detailing 

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Keep your vehicle looking its absolute best with MCL Auto's Specialized Detailing packages. Choose the package best for you. Our highly qualified detailer uses only the best products and techniques. Call today or stop by for a free estimate.

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Our Detailing services

Essentials pkg $49.95 :

Checkmark Hand Wash and dry

Checkmark Exterior windows with Rain-Ex treatment

Checkmark Quick Vacuum of foot wells

Exterior Detailing Add On's : 

Checkmark Tire clean/dress ​  starting at $20

Checkmark Engine bay clean/dress ​  starting at $20

Checkmark Clay/Paint decontamination   starting at $25

Checkmark Machine Cut/Polish (1-3 stage)   starting at $120

Checkmark Sealant/wax   starting at $25

Interior ​Light Package $69.95 :                                                                                 For when you just need a quick tidy of your already "pretty clean" vehicle

Checkmark Door Jambs

Checkmark Dash and trim wipe

Checkmark Vacuum floors and seats

Checkmark​ Wash and dress rubber floor mats

Checkmark​Spot clean fabrics

Interior Detailing pkg $169.95:
Checkmark Dash and trim clean/dressing** ​includes air cleaning of vents

Checkmark Vacuum

Checkmark Carpet clean/deoderize

Checkmark​ Wash and dress rubber mats

Checkmark Fabric clean (including headliner)

Checkmark Leather clean/condition

Checkmark Interior glass

Checkmark Door Jambs

Additional Services:

Checkmark Minor paint correction (wet sanding/polishing) ​by estimate only

Checkmark Plastic exterior trim renewal starting at $50 -we won't just cover it up we will restore it to its original lustre and seal it with UV protectant to keep it from fading again

Checkmark Headlight restoration Starting at $50 per side - Done the right way with 3 stage wet sanding then 2 stage cut and polish, then sealed to maintain clarity

Checkmark​ Paintless Dent Removal ​by estimate only

About Our Products

Checkmark​Choose your level of shine on your plastic/vinyl/leather.  We have dressings that range from matte to super shiny depending on your individual taste.

Checkmark​All of our interior and exterior dressings Offer UV protection for up to 1 year. Some for up to 5 years.

CheckmarkEnvironmentally conscious products, many are PH balanced to ensure they will not damage the materials in/on your vehicle.

*    Prices may fluxuate pending condition of vehicle and add ons. Pet hair, extremely soiled fabric or carpets, high contamination on tires and paint will increase the time it takes to clean your vehicle. SUV's, trucks and minivans will also have an additional charge. This will all be discussed and determined at the time of your estimate.