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If you’re looking to truly get the most out of your car, you have come to the right place. McLachlan Auto Solutions is a performance upgrade and tuning leader in Southern British Columbia. For anyone looking to go beyond the stock performance of their luxury European vehicle, McLachlan Auto Solutions will bring it to the next level. Whether you’re a BMW enthusiast, Audi die hard, VW fanatic or are in love with any other European luxury car brand, McLachlan Auto Solutions is the place to go. Contact us today for all your tuning and performance needs.


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Basic Service Package


The basic service package is your luxury vehicle’s best friend. During this thorough inspection, we make sure all elements of your vehicle are functioning as they should. We test all lights and brake systems, power steering, fluid conditions and the exhaust system to ensure no odours or leaks are present.

Level 1

Level 1 Service Package 


The Level 1 service package is recommended for your vehicle every 10,000 km. This package includes a full steering and suspension inspection, CV axles and exhaust and a series of detailed checks on power steering fluids and conditions, coolant strength and condition and brake fluids and condition. We also do a thorough cleaning to remove dirt and debris from your vehicle and provide treatments and perform adjustments as necessary.


Level 2

Level 2 Service Package


This Level 2 service package is our most comprehensive service and is recommended every 30,000 km. It includes an extensive inspection of the undercarriage, engine compartment, body and electrical equipment.We also perform a final inspection, which involves a road test by one of our service professionals.

Performance Tuning 101

If you’re driving a BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz or other European sports or luxury vehicle, tuning can be the right move for you. If you’re a confident driver who is looking to get a little bit more out of your vehicle, contact McLachlan Auto Solutions for some expert advice and guidance. We’re proud to partner with Bimmian, an industry leading distributor of performance parts and software for primarily BMW vehicles. True experts in their field, Bimmian has an extensive blog post on performance software and tuning that we encourage you to check out. Below are a few highlights and need-to-know information on performance tuning.

The Basics

To tune a luxury or sports car, you have to either upgrade certain physical parts of your vehicle or tune your vehicle using special software. It’s no secret that modern vehicles are essentially built around computers.

Software Tuning

In order to improve fuel economy and overall emissions, in the ‘90s, vehicles were first manufactured with Engine Control Units (ECU).

According to Bimmian“These computers use a series of sensors placed at various locations throughout the engine to get real time feedback on environmental factors, engine parameters and performance. The ECU then issues the appropriate modifications and instructions to the engine to ensure your vehicle's engine runs efficiently, smoothly and reliably. For every set of inputs, there is a predictable output from an ECU. The ECU uses pre-programmed mappings from the factory to determine what the specific output will be given a set of inputs. If one of the inputs is changed, the corresponding output will be altered accordingly.”

Every vehicle comes with factory-set instructions or mappings. In order to get better performance, the ECU needs to receive new mappings or instructions.

Types of Software Tuning

It’s important to know that there are two types of softwares tunes - prepackaged and custom.

Bimmian Explains: “Prepackaged tunes overwrite your ECU maps with new maps that are improved, but are generalized in nature, meaning that you will have the exact same maps as everyone else who is running that same tune. Custom tuning is where a software company takes a copy of your current maps and adaptations, and modifies those maps before sending them back to you for loading. This ensures the highest level of compatibility with your vehicle and allows the tuner to use a more aggressive tune consistent with the properties of your vehicle. Custom tunes also have the benefit of being able to compensate inside the tune for any other modifications you have done to the vehicle. ie: intake, exhaust, headers, catalytic converter removal, etc. This will squeeze extra horsepower out of these modifications because the ECU now becomes aware of the less restrictive components on the engine.”


While Bimmian deals primarily with BMW upgrades, their general take on how tuning can affect warranties can be generally applied to most European luxury auto makers:

“If your vehicle is under warranty, choice of tuning method is particularly important. There are two main points to consider here. First, if you have a warranty problem, and BMW (or other manufacturer) looks at the ECU and realizes there is unauthorized software inside, they may refuse to cover the problem under warranty. Alternatively, on occasion BMW (or other manufacturer) will issue a software update for your car, introducing new changes or optimizations or restrictions, and may load this software into your ECU without your knowledge or permission. This will overwrite the software tune that you purchased.”

For more information on performance tuning, contact our performance tuning experts here at McLachlan Auto Solutions.

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